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The Basics of Fly Fishing

There are thousands of different pieces of fly fishing gear, millions of articles and tips, and even more people out there who swear that they know the secrets of successful trout fishing. However, with this abundance of information and opinions often makes things seem far more complicated than they really are.

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The Hare’s Ear – A Winter Wonder

The downturn in fly life during the Winter Season shouldn’t put you off fishing in the coming months as we need to continue supporting our local fisheries and keep the sport alive during quiet spells. The Hare’s Ear is a popular fly for the winter and James investigates why.

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Learning the Double Haul Cast

The double haul is an advanced and effective fly casting technique that allows you to cast towards the wind, work with a wider range of flies and increase your catch rate with better presentation.

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The Principles of Fly Casting

Fly casting is like an art – there are many ways to do it but you can pick up bad habits and get settled in one form of casting. In this article Drew looks at the principles of fly casting.

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Fly Rod and Reel Maintenance

Prolonging the life of your tackle is vital if you want to ensure that fighting trout doesn’t slip away at the last minute and more importantly, if you want to avoid buying new kit every season.

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Cortland Launches Climax Line for 2010

Cortland, the leading American fly fishing tackle manufacturer, has recently announced the launch of its Climax Fly Line range.

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Stalking Big Trout in Autumn

Wild and free, large brown trout are elusive creatures capable of detecting minute changes in their surroundings. Stalking them is difficult, especially as the season comes to a close.

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The Damsel Nymph – A Sure Winner

The damsel nymph is a popular fly amongst anglers, but what makes it so special? An explanation into the life of the natural fly and the year-round use of it when fly fishing provides a good insight.

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Fly Fishing Lines Explained

With the option of a floating line, sink-tip line, intermediate sinking line, sinking fly line or fast-sinking fly line…what do you chose?

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