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Hooking into Lunkers with Live Bait, Plugs and Spoons

Simple fishing tricks can often work when you are using live bait and want to catch any kind of trout, no matter the size. However, if you are purely after big trout and lunkers, then you need to be willing to switch things up, take chances, and catch less fish in the end.

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Catching Trout Early in the Season

Considering that the water is high, the temperature is still down, and the fish are lethargic, trout fishing in the spring can be an incredibly difficult challenge. There is floating debris, torrential flows, discoloured water and even freezing drizzle at times, but these are all part of the game if you want to catch trout early in the season.

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What Makes Trout Bite into Bait?

Anyone who has ever fished for trout has definitely asked themselves what it is that makes trout bite into bait. They can be so fickle at times and then at others they seem to jump on anything that passes them by. To help you understand the trout you are after a little more, we are going to discuss some of the main reasons that trout will strike.

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Using Worms To Catch a Hungry Trout

Drew takes us back to basics and explains his top tips on catching trout using worms; an old classic bait that is still well respected today.

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Does Powerbait Really Have The “Power”?

Sitting in clear tubs lies a vibrant dough type mixture with glitter that promises the Earth when it comes to fishing for trout. But does Berkley Powerbait really have the power it so eagerly promotes? I put it to the test on two occassions with mixed results.

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5 Baits Trout Cannot Resist

With advances in technology, angling research and gold old fashioned wives tales, there are now many forms of bait that you can use when fishing trout. Whether it is artificial or real, dead or alive, the next time you head to the trout hole, consider these five baits. Trout find them irresistible, so anglers should too.

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