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Hooking into Lunkers with Live Bait, Plugs and Spoons

Simple fishing tricks can often work when you are using live bait and want to catch any kind of trout, no matter the size. However, if you are purely after big trout and lunkers, then you need to be willing to switch things up, take chances, and catch less fish in the end.

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Catching Trout Early in the Season

Considering that the water is high, the temperature is still down, and the fish are lethargic, trout fishing in the spring can be an incredibly difficult challenge. There is floating debris, torrential flows, discoloured water and even freezing drizzle at times, but these are all part of the game if you want to catch trout early in the season.

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An Introduction to Using a Mini Jig

Considering how effective mini jigs are when fishing for trout, they are far less popular than they should be. Essentially, mini jigs are small plastic bodies that are fished on extremely light jig heads. These incredibly light heads have been credited for a number of trophy trout catches and work wonders in places such as mountain lakes, beaver ponds and spring creeks.

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Top Trout Lures

Spinning using lures as an artifical bait can be a deadly method of catching wild or stocked trout. Here we’ve picked 3 top lures, as recommended by fellow anglers, to ensure your fishing is more effective.

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